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Component Shortages

Spot Buy

Cost Reduction

 Supply Chain Solutions

Excess Inventory Management

Component Shortages

       Braun EC is here to help with shortages.  Braun has developed the internal and external systems to efficiently process hundreds of shortages a day.   Though our proprietary process we can gather market data around each unique part and provide quantity, pricing, date code and lead times within 24 hours for most requests.  This means that typically within one day of  contacting Braun, you will have options for your needs.


Get a quote today and one of our dedicated team members will work tirelessly to keep your line up and running.

Spot buy cost reduction

     Whether it’s your current bill of materials or your highest annual volume parts list, by utilizing our supplier network we can provide competitive pricing to reduce costs and provide savings to your bottom line. By matching existing clients' excess inventory with your current demand, Braun EC reduces costs, providing you with new and authentic components at significant discounts to standard pricing.  This aspect of our services will come much more into play once the current low supply high demand market flips... it is good to be prepared and we are happy to put a plan in place for you now so that your company can be positioned to take advantage of market changes.

Submit a B.O.M. or Contact us today to find out how we can help reduce your costs.

cost reduction
Supply Chain Solutions

Braun EC’s supply chain solutions reduce risk and provide cost and time savings, enabling our clients to receive high-quality components at the best price available. Our materials management services include regular communication with our trusted supplier network, facilitating on-time delivery, allowing you to focus on getting your product to market while we solve your materials challenges. Braun EC’s supply chain solutions are tailored to the needs of each individual client to optimize the entire supply chain, enabling your goods to go where they need to go – efficiently and quickly. Braun EC can facilitate last time buy purchases and arrange for shipments over longer periods of time, preserving customers cash flow while ensuring the parts you need will be on hand and protected for you when you need them.  We pride ourselves on being flexible and providing custom solutions for each customer's unique needs.

 Contact us today to find out how we can solve any and all of your supply chain challenges.

supply chain
Excess inventory management

The current economy has made forecasting a challenge – and when forecasts shift and builds change, you may end up with a surplus of electronic components.


Through full lot purchases, consignment, or virtual consignment, our excess inventory management services can help you quickly recover capital. Click Here for more info about our excess inventory management and dispossession programs.

 Contact us today to speak to our experts about your unique situation.

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